About Us

About Us

ILDÁNA provides an array of practical technical & engineering training courses throughout Ireland. The members of the ILDANA team are recognized as subject-matter-experts in their respective fields and have years of experience in industrial / manufacturing environments and welcome each opportunity to share their knowledge.  We have been involved in Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Waste Management, Power Generation, and many other industries.  We can tailor a course to suit your specific needs and / or one of our team can spend time with you on your site / plant to help resolve an issue you are experiencing. How may we be of assistance to you?

Expert Technical and Engineering Trainers

All Technical and Engineering trainers have extensive experience in industry and over a range of businesses in both the private and public domains.

They have many years of practical hands-on, real world, real life experience. 

They understand and are conversant with the requirements of and pressures associated with work in a modern industrial plant e.g. production downtime or loss of production and its’ effects on productivity and plant and site performance.

ILDÁNA trainers ensure that each course is up-to-date technically, well managed and consistently well-presented with clearly identified aims and learning opportunities.

Standard and Tailored / Customised Technical and Engineering Training Courses

We may have a ‘standard off the shelf course’ to suit your needs and if not we would be pleased to meet with you, discuss your requirements and design an appropriate tailored course to suit your specific needs covering background theory / design / plant and equipment / operation. We have researched and designed courses and / or tailored our ‘off the shelf courses’ for companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, INTEL, Amgen, Sanoffi and we design PLC courses to suit the specific needs of our clients.  Can we tailor a course to suit your needs?

Online and Virtual Technical, Engineering and Professional Development Training Courses

For today’s changed working environment, ILDANA Training provides a range of Virtual /Online Technical, Engineering  and Professional Development Training Courses.   Zoom or similar platform used.

These instructor-led courses offer you the same training, course materials, personal support and face-to-face engagement with both the instructor and the other participants that you would expect to find in the conventional classroom.

Participants are given a number of practical exercises to carry out.   Each will be logged on to the virtual classroom’s training equipment (where appropriate)  and each is supported by the instructor.

To optimise the value to each trainee we limit the participant numbers appropriately.