Bend not Break: Building Resilience & Wellbeing


1 day

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Attendance will be provided

Course Date(s):

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ILDÁNA Training Course

Course Content

  • Insights into Stress
  • Understanding Resilience
  • What we draw on
  • Resilience can be Cultivated!


  • Focus on Cognitive:
    • ABC model from Positive Psychology
    • Reminder of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
    • Managing our Self Talk
    • Reactive vs Proactive Language


  • Focus on Emotions
    • Managing our Emotions
    • Realistic Optimism
    • Gratitude
    • Humour
  • Focus on Physical
    • Impact of Fight or Flight
    • Importance of Routine with Exercise, Healthy Eating
    • Breathing / Mindfulness
    • What else Helps Build Resilience? What will Keep us in Flow?

About this course

We all know resilience is an important trait. It is the hallmark of successful people and successful companies. It is what allows people and organisations to come back from disappointment and failure stronger and more determined than ever. The Pandemic has brought this to the forefront.

This one day programme focuses on resilience being a learned ability, one that can be built and developed by anyone. It focuses on building the awareness, tools and techniques to build your own resilience capacity and move forward towards your goals in your personal and professional lives.

Training Approach and Method

The approach to this training will be interactive and practical. While the training will draw on a foundation of theoretical good practice the learner’s own experience will be drawn out and built upon.

This programme can be delivered in-person when possible or virtually using Zoom. Virtual training is as impactful as in-person and allows for effective participation by participants.

Course Objectives

– Be reminded of the short and long term potential impacts of stress
– Have an understanding of what resilience is and recognise how it can be cultivated to help in both personal and professional lives
– Be aware of individual strengths and challenges from a resilience perspective.
– Have learned 5 Resilience Practices, under the headings of Cognitive, Emotional & Physical, to call on when resilience is low

ILDÁNA Training
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