Industrial Electrical Systems Level TWO


2 days

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Achievement plus 14 CPD hours.

Course Date(s):

Course can be delivered for a group on your premises

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Course Content

1.  Electricity and Electrons.  Effects of Electricity, Heating, Magnetic and Chemical.   Ohms Law, Resistors in Series and Parallel including practical work,  Kirchoff’s Current and Voltage Laws.   Electrical Terms and Units.

2. AC and DC Voltage, RMS, Frequency, Waveforms, Capacitance, Farad, Circuits, Time Constant, Reactance.    Inductance, Henries, Circuits, Reactance.

3. Magnetism, Right-hand Rule, Magnetic Field and Flux, AC Motor Operation, DOL, Star-Delta, Testing of Motors.   Wire-up Control and Power Circuits to Operate a DOL Single-Phase Motor.

4. Control Circuits, Relay, Contactor, Graphic Symbols, Hold-On/Latch, Overload Relay.   Structure of a Circuit.

5. Electrical Safety; Legal and Technical Management and Standards, Hazards, Fires, LockOut / TagOut, Fatalities, Injuries, Earthing and Bonding, RCD, MCB, Fuses, Distribution Boards, Safety Tips.    Types of Overcurrent Faults.   Safety features right throughout the course.


Electrical Drawings:  3-Types, in-depth of Schematic, Reference Letters, Fault-finding and Trouble-Shooting, Panel and Plant Issues,

Power Factor:   Theory, Implications and Correction

Programmable Logic Controllers:   Features, PSU and I/O

Electrical Panels:   Building Convention, Design and Layout

VSD / Inverters:   Features, Construction, Pros and Cons

Power Supply Units:   Construction, Operation, O/P Waveform


About this course

This is a practical hands-on course that builds of the Level ONE course and  takes place in the classroom with trainer present 100% of the time to ensure a safe learning environment.   Max of 6 per course to allow trainer time to work with each participant individually. Course will assist you to gain a good basic competency to interact safely and effectively re electrical and plant related issues.

If you answer YES to questions below you may like to join our course to gain a deeper understanding of the various topics covered in the Level ONE Course:

Would you like to develop a knowledge and understanding of AC and DC Electricity, their application and uses?
Would you like to be more effective at work due to knowledge gained of how electrical systems operate?
Would you like to gain a greater understanding of the principle of Electromagnetism for Generator effect or Motor effect?
Would you like to improve your confidence by having a better appreciation of the importance of Electricity safety issues for safe and effective interaction with electricity?
Would you like to apply theory gained into practical exercises involving resistors, lighting and motor circuits, using tools, meters and work-boards.?
Are you interested in a review of best use of electrical energy, with overview of latest energy efficient appliances and drives?

Training Approach and Method

Each participant is supplied with:

Box of tools
Cables / flex
All components along with
A set of notes
Participants build up their board under the guidance of the course instructor.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course participants will have learned and understood Electrical theory and principles. They have applied this understanding with the practical use of multimeters, tools, cables and work-boards to complete progressive stages of exercises culminating in the test and operation of a direct-on-line single-phase motor installation. All participants have demonstrated both understanding and practical application and have successfully achieved the objectives of this course.

ILDÁNA Training
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