Instrumentation & Calibration Introduction


1 day Virtual / OnLine

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Completion / 7 CPD Hours

Course Date(s):

Course can be delivered for a group on your premises

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Course Content

Health and Safety


  • Air Supply, Electrical Supply, Grounding
  • Instrument Identification and Line Symbols
  • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), Control System Definition, Logic Diagrams

Units and Standards

  • Control Loops
  • Overview, Control Function Considerations
  • Control Modes (On-Off, Modulating, PID Control)

Final Control Elements

  • Control valve types Valve positioners
  • Control loops

Process Control Methods

  • Control Modes (On-Off, Modulating, PID Control)
  • Control Types (Feedback, Cascade, Ratio, Feedforward)
  • (SCADA)

Control Valves

  • Valve Bodies, Actuators, Valve Positioners

Instrument Configuration and Diagnostics Systems

  • How to document instrumentation including tag numbers, P&IDs, loop and logic diagrams

Control Centres:

  • Overview, Design, Physical Aspects


  • Overview, General Requirements
  • Electrical, Pneumatics
  • Temperature and Humidity Control

Alarms and Trips

  • Fail-Safe and De-energize-to-Trip

Types of Instruments

  • Flow (Switch, Alarm, Feedback) Flow Measurement
  • Temperature (Switch, Alarm, Feedback) : Temperature Measurement
  • Pressure (Switch, Alarm, Feedback) : Pressure Measurement
  • Weight, Level Measurement, Contents Measurement
  • Conductivity, pH Measurement
  • Density, Viscosity, Current, Voltage, Amperage, Capacitance, Resistivity, Inductance, Frequency
  • Vibration,
  • Moisture

About this course

Course can be delivered on your premies for a group of 8 .

Modern industry relies on accurate measurement and control of process parameters to ensure high quality products are produced safely and efficiently. Technicians working in the Process and Pharma industries are involved in the installation, configuration, calibration and maintenance of measurement and control systems. This course is designed to give attendees the knowledge required to operate in such environments and it will introduce industrial instrumentation as used for troubleshooting, process measurements and process control.

Training Approach and Method

This one day course will be delivered OnLine /Virtually and as trainer delivers course questions are dropped in to chat…at end of each section.  These questions are answered anonymously and answers shared with the group.   This gives the trainer an opportunity to clarify any points not clearly understood.

Zoom is platform used and open microphone throughout course.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course you will be able to:

Make accuracy statements for various types of measurements.
Differentiate between digital and analogue measurements and describe the advantages of each.
Recognize the importance of pneumatic equipment.
Define pressure and understand the operation of pressure transducers.
How pressure transducers can measure level and flow.
Describe the operation of various devices used to measure both level and flow.
Know how to make temperature measurements using both thermocouples and resistive temperature devices.
Understand how instruments are used for process control.

ILDÁNA Training
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