Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) & SCADA – An Introduction


2 days

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Achievement / 14 CPD Hours

Course Date(s):

Course can be delivered for a group on your premises

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Course Content

Day 1

Chapter 1: Introductions

  • General Introduction
  • Chapter 2: PLC Hardware
  • Central Processing Units.
  • Digital Input / Output Modules.
  • Analogue Input / Output Modules.
  • Power Supplies.
  • Communications Processors (CP).
  • Profibus Modules.
  • Remote / Point I/O.
  • Ethernet Modules.
  • Exercises.
  • Chapter 3: Fundamentals of PLC Software
  • Methods of Representation i.e. Ladder Logic (LAD), Statement List (STL), Structured Text (ST), and Flow Block Diagrams (FBD).
  • Normally OPEN & CLOSED Contacts
  • Create a user program
  • AND, OR Logic Function.
  • AND Before OR.
  • OR Before AND.
  • Contacts Normally OPEN & CLOSED.
  • Motor Start/Stop Circuit
  • Exercises
  • Chapter 3: Projects.
  • Setup a Threebay Horse Shed.
  • Domestic Hot Water System for a house.

Day 2

Chapter 4: Timers

  • Pulse Timer.
    On Delay Timer.
    Off Delay Timer.
  • Explain the Timing diagrams.
    7 Day Weekly Timer.
  • Enchance the Threebay Horse shed with Automatic features.
    Enchance the Domestic Hot Water System with Automatic Features.
    Pump Monitoring System.
  • Chapter 5: SCADA / HMIs
  • Setup communiucations between a PLC and a HMi over Ethernet.
  • Assign both the PLC and the HMi with an IP Address.
  • Generate the graphic for a Motor Start / Stop circuit using Function Keys from a HMi.
  • Chapter 5: SCADA / HMIs
  • Download both the graphics and the SCADA / HMi software and test it.
  • Add additional features onto the graphics e.g. Motor Running Status (On / OFF)


About this course

Programmable Logic Controllers are now in widespread use throughout industry. These high quality versatile units can solve all your process plant and manufacturing plant control problems.

The course is a 2 day classroom based course and is an Introduction to PLCs & SCADA HMIs..  This course is designed to focus on the fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers and SCADA as used in Industry

Trainees will be supplied with a PLC Training station, PLC Software,  Laptop along with a Set of notes for this practical hands-on course.


Training Approach and Method

If you have a group intersted course can be delivered on your premises.

The Hands-On 2 Day Intro PLCs and SCADA HMIs Workshop is designed as an introduction to personnel who wish to advance their careers in to the world of Industrial Automation.

Course Pre-requisites

No prior knowledge of PLCs or SCADA HMIs is required. This is a beginners course and all are welcome. This 2 Day course assumes that participants have basic PC skills.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of PLCs and HMIs.
  • Design and Write basic PLC programs and generate SCADA HMI graphics for industrial applications.
  • Trouble Shoot hardware & software whilst using PLCs or SCADA HMI graphics.
ILDÁNA Training
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