Presenting with Skill & Confidence


2 days + 2 coaching sessions of 1 hour duration each.

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Achievement plus 15 CPD Hours

Course Date(s):

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ILDÁNA Training Courses

Course Content

  • Preparing & structuring your presentation
  • Communicating your ideas clearly – both verbally & non-verbally
  • Getting your message across with confidence
  • Using visual aids & support materials effectively
  • Encouraging & managing questions & interaction
  • Managing nerves
  • Practice & feedback

About this course

Being confident and skilled in presenting is increasingly essential in all areas of the workplace. At the same time public speaking is recognised as being one of life’s most stressful experiences. Successful presenters have worked to develop the skills and competencies needed to prepare and deliver effective presentations. They know how to engage an audience and make the impact they desire. They also know how to manage their nerves and minimise the stress involved. This practical and interactive 2-day course will focus on the development of these competencies– in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Training Approach and Method

A unique element of this training programme is the inclusion of two (1 hour) coaching sessions offered to each participant. One prior to the course will help focus on individual learning goals and the second session can be taken whenever the need arises – ideally prior to an upcoming presentation. Research shows that the combination of training and coaching enhances learning and the application of new competencies.

Each participant will be asked to bring a 5-10 minute draft presentation for day 2 of the course when they will present and receive constructive feedback.

Course Objectives

This course will help participants develop the skills and confidence to deliver effective presentations. Course participants will:
• Understand what makes presentations succeed or fail
• Know how to design & deliver presentations which meet the needs of their audience
• Be able to apply stress management techniques to achieve confident delivery
• Have practiced presenting & received constructive feedback

ILDÁNA Training
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