Reading & Interpreting Electrical Drawings


2 days

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Achievement / 14 CPD Hours

Course Date(s):

Delivered on your premises to include your drawings and asssociated machine

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Course Content

Begin with half-day classwork then day and a half work-through of drawings (to be supplied by client)

Cover content for an understanding of the machine operation. 

Electrical principles:

  • Terminology 
  • Specification. 
  • Types of Drawings

Consistent approach to schematics

Voltage choices wire sizes

Panel layout and safety features for correct plant operation

Work-with you / your team to achieve understanding of machine operation and fault-finding

About this course

Installing a safe electrical system begins with a well-planned electrical drawing. Construction projects require work drawings and specifications to guide electricians in installing electrical equipment. Besides being a customer requirement, these plans and drawings provide specific instruction to electricians. Standard symbols and lines are used to represent the different types of material, components, conduits, and circuit connections. Reading and interpreting these drawings accurately is therefore an important skill for electricians and helpful to others.

Training Approach and Method

Electrical drawings contain a complex set of symbols and interconnection notation that will be explained by the trainer. If you wish to install, maintain or repair electrical systems our course will improve your confidence in reading drawings to understand the layout of components and create new distribution systems and circuits. If you provide a drawing and the machine it relates to course can be ‘tailored’ to suit your needs.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course you will understand how to

Describe the various terms associated with electrical drawings
Identify the plans and drawings that are included in electrical drawings
Discuss the uses of electrical test equipment such as grip-on ammeter, megger, multi-meter

ILDÁNA Training
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