Siemens S7 Classic Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) – Level ONE


5 days.....

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Achievement plus 35 CPD hours.

Course Date(s):

We can discuss dates to suit your schedule

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Course Content


Introduction and overview

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Package all subeditors/utilities
  • Guide to engineering platform of subeditors on S7

Hardware components: The PLC, PSU, Cards, ArchiTECTures

  • PLC, PSU,CPU ,I/O, FM/CP cards
  • Interfaces, connection points
  • Setting up a connection to the PLC
  • Online and offline
  • Download a program and viewing code


The Simatic Manager Overview of software

  • Code editor
  • Hardware setup
  • Monitor Modify Variables

The conveyor setup

  • Automatic and Manual mode code for same
  • Using Monitor/Modify and code editor
  • PLC setup code for manual/ drive conveyor


Timers and counters

  • Timers with example
  • Counter with example
  • IEC1131 timers and counters

Cross reference

  • Program structure
  • Go to location and cross reference
  • Current usage of resources software and hardware

DAY 4 & 5


  • Hardware set up of cards
  • Organisation block and analogue setup
  • Scaling an analogue value


  • Making a PLC backup
  • Downloading entire/partial program
  • Comments storage and plc backups

Organisational blocks

  • Families of organisation blocks
  • Examples of usage
  • Application Example

Fault finding testing and DIAGNOSTICS

  • Types of faults Plant related Vs PLC related
  • Dealing with stop (PLC)faults
  • Dealing with plant stops

About this course

This is a comprehensive 5 day instructor led course….
The instructor will describe the functionality of the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) as used in modern plant.
He will cover:




diagnostics and

The course participants will gain a basic competency re how the PLC works in their plant.

Training Approach and Method

The course methodology follows a simple pattern of:

  • Theory
  • Focus on a Particular Topic
  • Work through a Practical Example
  • This will be the modus operandi in each case.

Participants will be asked to participate by doing exercises and interacting in a progressive manner.

  • This promotes understanding for each participant and the group.
  • In this regard everyone benefits.
  • The course instructor will encourage each participant to participate in each topic as it relates to their work.
  • The course employs powerpoint slides as a basis for discussion and exercises.
  • Additional notes will be introduced and incorpoarted during the course including pointers to internet support for relevant subject matter.

Course Objectives

It is expected that after one week of training that the participant will be able to:

  • Use the Simatic Manager to track plant issues and operation
  • Understand and Diagnose faults that occur in the plant
  • Follow the structure of the Simatic Manager package

The participant should be in a postition to:

  • Use the Simatic Utilites & Editor Packages
  • Interact Proactively with Plant Operation & Control Systems
  • Manage and Limit Maintenance Downtime
  • Understand the Powerful Software Facilities available within the S7 PLC
ILDÁNA Training
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