Siemens S7 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) – Level TWO


5 days

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Achievement plus 35 CPD Hours.

Course Date(s):

We can discuss dates to suit your schedule

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Course Content


Introduction and overview

  • Purpose of training
  • Statement of outcome
  • Methodology of training
  • Overview of Package all subeditors/utilities recovered
  • Guide to engineering platform of subeditors on S7

Data Blocks

  • Data Types
  • Data Blocks
  • Arrays and examples of Complex Data

Day 2 

Reusable code and Parameters

  • Parameter types and properties
  • Introduction to Retentive data

Cross reference Facility

  • Cross Reference Facility and Goto Location
    • Program Layout
    • Assignment of Memories, Timers, Counters
    • Cross reference

Day 3

CHAPTER 5 Functions and Function Blocks

  • Similarities and differences
  • Solution with a function
  • Solution with a function block
    • Instance data blocks

Siemens iec1131 Timers and Counters

  • Siemens timer and counter
  • System function blocks for timing
  • System function blocks for counting

Day 4

Indirect Addressing and Loops

  • Jumping and Looping
  • Indirect Addressing Application
  • Indirect Addressing Usage/Instructions/Example

Functions and Function blocks

  • Similarities and differences
  • Solution with a function
  • Solution with a function block
    • Instance data blocks

Day 5

Organisational blocks

  • Families of organisational blocks
  • Startup information
  • Application of organisational blocks

CHAPTER 10 Faultfinding testing and DIAGNOSTICS

  • Types of faults
  • Dealing with stop faults
  • Dealing with plant stops

About this course

Instructor led virtual training will build on the Level ONE 4 day course. The purpose of the course is to extend, broaden and enrich the participant’s knowledge of the S7 PLCs. This will enable the participant to understand how to troubleshoot and fault-find PLC hardware and software issues in their plant using laptops and the appropriate software..

Training Approach and Method

The method of training is very similar to Level ONE course. Simulation of PLC and factory automation is as before. There is less emphasis on navigation and the basics and more on subject mattter and its relevance to development oand maintenance of the plant.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course the participant will
• Have worked through examples of each topic in course content.
• Will have in-depth knowledge of how the PLC software can be viewed and changed
• Will have several practical examples of higher level programming skills…..e.g. indirect addressing and how and why it’s used.

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