Siemens S7 TIA Portal PLC – Level ONE


5 days

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Achievement plus 35 CPD hours.

Course Date(s):

Wed 15th to Fri 17th Dec and Mon 20th & Tues 21st Dec 2021

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Course Content

  • S7-TIA Portal Family Hardware Overview
  • Connecting to a Programmable Logic Controller  (PLC)
  • LEDs and status available to user without software.
  • TIA Portal Project & Portal Views
  • Navigation throughout the package and project tree
  • Configuring the S7-TIA Portal hardware (1200 or 1500)
  • Programming in TIA,
  • S7-TIA Portal Addressing & Memory
  • Using Basic Instruction Set (Contacts, Coils, Timers, Counters)
  • Function (FC) & Function Block (FB)
  • Compiling and Downloading to PLC
  • Data Blocks (DB) & Data Types
  • Monitoring Inputs and outputs to see plant status
  • Monitoring Logic so as to understand plant actions
  • Online Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Using the Integrated Web Server on the PLC

About this course

Course Dates:    Wed 15th to Fri 17th Dec and Mon 20th & Tues 21st Dec 2021

The Instructor, having explained how the training will be delivered on the virtual platform, will:
1. Introduce the participant to the TIA concept and the functional hierarchy of the equipment involved
2. Demonstrate the TIA Portal, its software, structure and hardware and outline the Siemens philiosphy in this regard
3. Demonstrate TIA (simulation / operation) for a factory enterprise down to the PLC level and I/O
4. Explain in detail the hardware and softrware and navigate the participant through the interfaces, data, control and plant equipment
5. Review the different components of a modern TIA plant network and its functionality including:
…..Controllers / Industrial PLCs / Communications / DATA Collection / Human Interface with Plant / SCADA / Distributed I/Os


Found this course fantastic, I had very little knowledge going into it and I feel I learned an awful lot during the week, but not so much that it was overwhelming if that makes sense . Pat is a great instructor, very helpful and kept every day interesting and has great knowledge to give. I was sceptical about it being a virtual course but with the software like Factory IO , it was great to be able to see what was happening.     Daivid / Ornua

Training Approach and Method

The course is designed for participants who seek to have an improved understanding of how a modern integrated approach to automation works.
It covers how data, realtime information, live process control and trends are used to optimise performance.

It deals with PLCs and plant control, focussing on the up-to-date Siemens S7 TIA Portal. It covers the installation and modification of software for maintaining and improving current performance and output. A facility for installing new works and for plant modification is included. Each participant is asked to focus on his/her preferred situation, be that an operations and maintenance role OR a new works project OR programming role.

Course Objectives

It is expected that on completion of this course the participant will:

  • Understand the full scope of the power of the S7 TIA Portal and be familiar with its PLC and plant interfaces and operation
  • Be able to navigate through the hardware and software hierarchies to access data, plant performance metrics and control parameters and take appropriate follow-up action
  • Have an improved understanding of troubleshooting facilities inherent in TIA to increase machine uptime and output.
  • Have an improved working knowledge of the diagnostic tools to resolve problems and detect flaws, both hardware and software.
  • Feel comfortable using the TIA software packages to improve plant performance and to minimise downtime or bottlenecks.
ILDÁNA Training
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