Siemens TIA Programmable Logic Controllers Level ONE course


5 days

Certification / CPD:

Certificate of Achievement and 37.5 hours

Course cost:

Please contact us for pricing.

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Course Content

  • S7-TIA Family Hardware Overview
  • Connecting to a PLC.
  • LEDs and status available to user without software.
  • TIA Portal Project & Portal Views
  • Navigation throughout the package and project tree
  • Configuring the S7-TIA hardware (1200 or 1500)
  • Programming in TIA,
  • S7-TIA Addressing & Memory
  • Using Basic Instruction Set (Contacts, Coils, Timers, Counters)
  • Function (FC) & Function Block (FB)
  • Compiling and Downloading to PLC
  • Data Blocks (DB) & Data Types
  • Monitoring Inputs and outputs to see plant status
  • Monitoring Logic so as to understand plant actions
  • Online Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Using the Integrated Web Server on the PLC

About this course

Instructor led virtual training will
1) Introduce the candidate to the field of PLCs, where they are used and why
2) Demonstrate the TIA portal software to overview PLCs Siemens style.
3) Introduce how the training concept is implemented on a virtual platform
4) Demonstrate simulation of a factory and a PLC.

Training Approach and Method

The course is provided to those who seek to have a better understanding of how the PLCs are used to maintain existing installations as well as expand on these installations. It encompasses both the maintenance and project aspects of how the software is used. Each participant is asked to focus on their preferred situation be that a maintenance role or a project programming role.

Course Objectives

It is expected that on completion of this course the candidate will 1) Understand why PLCs are preferred and become familiar the S7 TIA Range of PLCs. 2) Be able to navigate the software throughout the different basic areas of hardware and software 3) Have an improved understanding of how troubleshooting is tackled to increase machine uptime 4) Know the tools to source errors in hardware and software 5) Use the software to help minimise downtime.
ILDÁNA Training
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