Wiring of Motors


1 day

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Certificate of Attendance

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Only delivered on client's own site

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Course Content

  • Review of Safety Control Systems
    • including Permit-to-Work and Lock-out-Tag-out systems in operation in the Company.
  • Principles of Electricity including
    • Single-phase and three-phase
    • DC / AC power systems
    • Distribution diagrams and earthing
    • Direct-on-Line (DOL) operation and control
    • Starting Speed
    • Torque and Amps
    • Change of direction
    • Bearings
    • Lubrication and vibration
    • Motor mounting B3, B5 etc.
    • Protection, cooling and fusing
    • Wiring, cables and installation

Tools and meters.

About this course

This Course – in the format of a Workshop – is a 1-Day Cross-Skilling Course delivered on client’s premises only.
It has been designed to train fitters* in both the theoretical and practical aspects on how to safely and competently remove and install electric motors.

(*Course participants should be both qualified in a mechanical craft and have experience in the plant and equipment of the manufacturing sector)

Training Approach and Method

The workshop will be delivered through tutorials, practical hands-on experience with motors and interactive discussion (client to set up the two motor test rigs as they need to operate at 380V 3 phase).

Course Objectives

• To demonstrate to participants safe and effective methods to both disconnect and re-connect a motor. 2 No. 380Volt test rigs will be required with a contactor and overload start arrangement and motor leads to terminals where various final connection cables (eg, SWA, SILFLEX, OLFLEX) are to be terminated to the motor.
• Participants are to then practice the safe and effective way of motor connection and test-running, including reversal of rotation.

ILDÁNA Training
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